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    Hello and welcome to CalArt.org. I am a friendly freelance graphic designer. I have over 10 years of experience working for clients. I love my work and look forward to hearing abut your projects. Please call me with any questions at (714) 872-9643 or email me at Nanette@CalArt.org.


    We serve local businesses, entrepreneurs, job seekers, churches, brides, moms, students, non profit children's organizations and many more. Our services are wide ranging and easy to use.


Cal Art offers innovative designs and affordable quality printing.

Our customers are our neighbors, we always strive to leave our customers highly satisfied with their Cal Art experience. We are happy to provide our clients with the affordable services and quality designs that they need.

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About US

Nothing is more important to us at Cal Art then providing our customers with a high quality end product. We ensure the our clients receive their goods 100% to their specifications from paper quality to color matching.

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We know our customers have questions. What is bleed? What's the difference between raster & vector? Is offset or digital better? Cal Art is here to walk our clients through the many options and help them make the best and most cost effective choices.

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We use materials from the creative industry, trend reports, stock graphics and other industry partners to provide our clients' designs with support and creativity our customers want.

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Have a project in mind or saw something on the internet you really liked? Cal Art is here to help you with your questions. Email Nanette our designer at nanette@calart.org or call us at (714) 872-9643.