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    Hi and thanks for visiting me online. My name is Nanette and I am a friendly freelance graphic designer. I have over 10 years of professional experience working for clients. I love my work and look forward to hearing about your projects. Please contact me with any questions at (714) 872-9643 or email me at Nanette@CalArt.org.

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    I serve local businesses, entrepreneurs, job seekers, churches, brides, moms, students, non profit children's organizations and many more. My creative services are wide ranging and easy to use.


Nanette Romero | Graphic Designer & Print Guru

Hi and thanks for taking a couple of minutes to visit me online. I am a friendly freelance graphic designer and a native Californian. I started out with Los Angeles Times specializing with print design. Since 2012 I have begun to branch out into web design, social media marketing practices and front end development.

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About Me

My name is Nanette Romero and I am a colorful and creative graphic designer. I was very fortunate to receive my training at FIDM | Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Irvine and Los Angeles. Since that time I have had the opportunity to work with national newspapers, non profit organizations, print shops, music venues, small business and many wonderful individuals.

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After discussing ideas, budgets and deadlines with clients', I get down to: designing layouts, evolving brands, creating logos, getting social media accounts organized, finding the best price for production, collaborating on custom work, discussing social media aggregators, giving clients design options and offering my expertise.

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Being a graphic designer means taking other's visions and making it real for them. I sit down with my customer's and talk about design options, even options they don't know they have. Spot uv, linen paper, EDDM, url codes, spot colors, vertical banners, foam core mounting, foil finishing, png customization, print to bleed, s.m. aggregators, trend jacking, the options that can be incorporated into projects are almost endless. That is what I love to sit down and get all nerdy about design!

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Have a project in mind or saw something on the internet you really liked? I am here to help you with your questions. Email me at Nanette@Calart.org or call (714) 872-9643.